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Bringing the flavors of India to your tables, our team is ecstatic to serve you at BOMBAY SIZZLERS.
Perfect for a lunch hour rush, a family dinner, or an informal affair with friends in the heart of Tokyo.
Come and rediscover the extraordinary dishes that are prepared just according to your preference by team of experienced chefs from various regions of India. The menu boasts a core of sizzling grilled kebabs, hot piping naan breads from the charcoal Tandoor, and most importantly - our distinctly authentic curries. In the true spirit of the Indian culinary world, vegetarian and vegan options are plenty to choose from as well!
Keeping in mind the needs of all of our customers, each non-vegetarian dish is prepared only with HALAL MEAT.
The drink menu offers a wide range of local and imported beers and wines; it also includes but is not limited to Indian Grover Wines.
Warm yourself up and get cozy at the new place in the town, while enjoying some of the most sensational dishes the cuisine has to offer!
本場のインドの味をテーブルに。 本場のインド料理をぜひご賞味ください。ご来店お待ちしております。








1 種類のカレー、ナン、ライス、サラダ
Choice of one curry served with Naan, Rice & Salad


2 種類のカレー、ナン、ライス、サラダ {#google_images}
Choice of two curries served with Naan, Rice & Salad


3 種類のカレー、ナン、ライス、サラダ
Choice of three curries served with Naan, Rice & Salad
2 種類のカレー、チキンティッカケバブ、ナン、ライス、パパダ、サラダ
Choice of two curries with Naan, Rice, Chicken Tikka Kebab, Papad & Salad
3 種類のカレー、チキンティッカケバブ、ナン、ライス、パパダ、サラダ
Choice of three curries with Naan, Rice, Chicken Tikka Kebab, Papad & Salad


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  • 170-50 Aza Yamada,Kutchan-cho Hokkaido
  • 〒044-0081 北海道倶知安町字山田170-50
  • TEL:0136-55-5272


  • 2-29-5 Midorigaoka Iwamizawa-shi Hokkaido
  • 〒068-0835 北海道岩見沢市緑ヶ丘2丁目29-5
  • TEL:0126-20-2331


  • Kitchen Car
  • バス移動販売
  • TEL:090-7519-6674